Famous Women Artists

From my 2008 Center for Maine Contemporary Art artist statement:
After the iconic simplicity of my Band-Aid paintings, I’ve recently enjoyed doodling around with a felt tip pen and a stack of vintage Walter Foster “How To Draw ___” booklets. The result has been these rough portraits of famous women artists drawn with Sharpie pen on pink circles of felt. I’m working on Kiki Smith next! These sketches will be refined and ultimately transferred onto white cotton thongs (yes, thongs!) as displayable objects (I have a prototype hanging trophy-style over my bed) or wearable art (ask and I might show you mine).

These artist superheroes are positive, pink and female! Each of them has been influential in my own work over the past three decades, and in the coming months I look forward to drawing more. Georgia O’Keefe and Nancy Spero — you’re on a thong!